HP TouchPad Review

I know that it is very, very late. But still I somehow got my hands on a HP TouchPad last week. It is here with me for few weeks. So, here’s the review

To unlock the screen, you’ve to simply slide the lock icon to any part of the screen and it gets unlocked. Moreover, you can also set up a PIN or a password to securely lock your TouchPad.
Now, this is how the desktop looks like with a few cards (apps on TouchPad) open.

The icons on the bottom are, web browser, mail, music player, photos, Facebook & all apps. They can all be changed according to your needs. To change them, you simply have to drag them out of their place & replace them with the icons of your choice.

The UI

This is the UI. It is divided into Apps, Downloads, Favorites & Settings.

Apps Tab

Downloads Tab

Favorites Tab

Settings Tab

The Web Browser

The Web-Browser is Webkit based. It has full support for Adobe Flash. The embedded YouTube videos play right inside the browser. Here are some screenshots of the browser

Interestingly, it doesn’t clears the Acid 3 tests. And below is the screenshot depicting YouTube video playing right inside the browser.

The E-Mail client, Contacts & Calendar

The E-Mail client integrates it self with the accounts that you’ve entered in the TouchPad. There is support for GMail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo!, MS Exchange & even Facebook. Here’s the email account in action.

You can see that there is full support for HTML mail inside the browser. Attachments like images are displayed inline. For Office documents there is QuickOffice to handle them. It supports MS Office & ODF files.

Maps & Gallery

Maps is taken care by Bing Maps. Here’s the screenshots of the maps


The gallery integrates with the Facebook account that you’ve entered. Also, the images which you download from the Internet are automatically displayed inside the gallery. here’s the screenshot of the gallery in action.

Verdict :-

Pros :-

  • Awesome hardware.
  • Plays games without lag.
  • Support for XviD, DivX, MP4, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, MP3, AAC formats.
  • Superb Multitasking.
  • Good OS.
  • Superb sound from the device.

Cons :-

  • Very, very few apps.
  • Screen is very reflective.
  • Lack of EPUB reader.
  • No SD-Card slot.
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    Resolution seems quite good…
    Comment should be at the bottom, please modify the blog interface

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