Why do I love XBMC?

There are several reasons why I love XBMC. First and foremost it is a FOSS product. I love FOSS. Secondly, it came out when people thought that Windows Media Center & FrontRow of Mac OS X, were the best looking media mangers on the planet. But, it can do a lot more than those two.

Firstly, it can play any kind of video & audio file you throw at it (not DRM ones). It has ability to decode full HD content. Secondly, if you have a NVIDIA card, you can use the VDPAU library for the post-processing of your videos. It has awesome integration with online services like Last.FM, libreFM etc etc..

The inbuild addons manager is a giant leap forward for XBMC. Now you can automatically preview & download the skins & addons. No need to manually download them and then extract and install them in your XBMC folder. Moreover, the skins you downloaded on Windows are perfectly compatible with the Linux version too!! It only lacks a good web browser, but, they can get one from the Webkit devs or build it themselves. Moreover, if you have a Android device then you can get the official XBMC remote control app for it which is bloody awesome. The iOS devices also have a remote control but they’re not as good as the one on the Android platform. So, folks, get XBMC & see the magic.

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  1. Awesome post. Do you mind if I ask what your source is for this information?

  2. Tarun Brari says:

    The source for the information is Internet!! Nothing else.. 🙂

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