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It is still winter here in the Himalayan state of Himachal. I decided to invest a in a wireless keyboard an mouse kit as the old keyboard and mouse had served their purpose. I got myself Logitech MK320 desktop. It is a pretty nice kit which operates at 2.4 Ghz frequency. It might interfere with the wireless network, but I don’t have one.

My trusty Arch Linux also got the 2.6.37 update earlier this week. Many other apps also got updated. I also enabled the desktop zoom feature of Compiz-Fusion environment as it is pain the see what’s happening on your computer screen on a full HD monitor from 10 feet.

I bought myself two new HDDs. One is a 500 GB Samsung Green series and the other one is Seagate GoFlex 1 TB HDD. I was thinking of formatting the external HDD with NTFS as it supported by both Linux and Windows, but I was getting low transfer speed (22 MB/s). Then I re-formatted the external HDD with ext4 filesystem and now I’m getting 35-45 MB/s which is pretty good. Initially, I was thinking of going with the XFS filesystem which performs terrifically with the large files. But, it can’t be shrinked. So, I decided to stay with the ext4 filesystem.

I’m currently using rsync to sync my folders with the external hard-drive. It is a very, very powerful tool which is sufficient for all my needs.

Debian 6.0 was also annouced this week. I downloaded two versions, one is with the FreeBSD kernel & the other one is with Linux kernel. Initially I installed the FreeBSD kernel version but it was unable to detect my sound card and I didn’t wanted to mess around with it. Also, there was no documentation available to tinker around with the newly released KFreeBSD version. But I liked the inclusion of the apt-get with it. Debain 6.0 amd64 edition just got downloaded a little while ago. I’ll try it out tomorrow and will try to post a little review about it.

On to some non-geek news, I changed the front tyre of my bike, serviced it and may visit Dharamshala this month on bike with my friend. Looking forward to that trip!!

P.S.:- XBMC is looking awesome with two new skins, Night & Alaska-mod. XBMC+Wireless kit = One lazy person!!

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  1. ashwin says:

    Its good to see that u enjoy FLOSS a lot.Iam gonna give debian 6 a try soon but ubuntu makes my life much easier,coz of its ease of use(guilty of laziness).Btw can u tell more about this wirless kit u are using(are u talking abt wifi?).
    Iam gonna try to build a media center for my TV soon with xmbc(have an old comp laying around) if u can give me any tips on this it would be great

  2. Tarun Brari says:

    @ashwin Thanks for commenting.. Actually I was talking about the wireless keyboard & mouse. Sorry to confuse you. But you can also setup a wireless network easily on Linux too. Most of the cards are supported on Ubuntu.

    Regarding Debian 6.0. I couldn’t install it on my HDD because of the lack of my network card driver. But it is awesome.

    XBMC setup on old computer is a good idea. You might wanna add an el cheapo graphics card like NVIDIA 8400 GS which will cost you around Rs. 1500. It will take the load off the CPU and will decode all the HD content. If it is a really old computer (RAM 256 MB or less) then please go for Crunchbang Linux & then install XBMC. It should work without any headache. Also, you can see my earlier post https://openenclave.wordpress.com/2011/01/20/building-a-htpc-under-rs-50000/

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