Opera 10.60 Review

Browser!! The most important piece of software on your computer. It is your window to the world of the Internet. There are many browsers in the world. For e.g. :-

  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • Internet Explorer.
  • Safari.
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera.

But, there is one which stands out among them. Its called Opera. It is currently, the fastest browser in the world.

Opera is the pioneer in the browser arena. It was the first browser to introduce tabbed browsing, the first one to implement mouse gestures, the first one to have a built-in torrent client & the only one which has a built in e-mail client. So, lets take a look at Opera.

Tab Management :-

Tabbed browsing was the feature that was first implemented by Opera. Now, Opera 10.60 takes it to a whole new level. Check out the screenshot.

Tabs are beautifully managed in Opera 10.60. Right click on the tab-bar & you can select the position of the tabs on any corner of your screen.

Speed Dial:-

Speed dial is another mind-blowing feature that was implemented by Opera. This feature allows you to assign up to 25 websites on the speed-dial screen. Speed-dial can also be assigned as the homepage but it automatically opens when you open a new tab or a blank window. Shortcuts for the first 9 speed dials are assigned as Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+9 so that you can easily access the tabs. Here’s the amazing screenshot of my desktop :-

Mail Client :-

Opera has a built-in email client too. It supports POP3 & IMAP mail. If you have your mail account on GMail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail or AOL then it automatically downloads the required settings for the mail. You only have to select weather you want POP3 or IMAP. If you’ve your mail on another mail provider you can also manually assign the settings.  Its very helpful to surf the web in one tab and check your mail in another. Check out the screenshot :-

Misc features :-

  • In built torrent client.
  • Download manager.
  • Awesome Javascript engine (Carakan).
  • Content Blocking.
  • Superb javascript handling.

Performance :-

What can I say, check out the marvellous Presto engine in its full glory :-

According to the above benchmark, it demolishes every browser in the market today.

Pros :- Superb tab management, awesome javascript engine, built-in email client.

Cons :- Very less plugins.

Rating :- 5/5.

Download link :- http://www.opera.com


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  1. Aleksander says:

    Awesome review 🙂

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