Installation of Mac OS X Leopard on your PC



So, when Apple Inc. made their switch to Intel processors in 2005, many people thought that finally they would be able to install Mac OS X on their PCs. But Apple didn’t allowed that. I don’t know why did they made that decision but I think this was taken to promote Apple’s beautiful hardware. So don’t panic, I’ll tell you about the necessary steps involved to install Mac OS X Leopard on your PC. Just follow the following steps :-

  1. First of all you need to download a release for your system. Make sure that you’ve a processor that is at least SSE2. To know whether your processor is SSE2 complaint or not, just download the free utility called CPU-Z from the Internet. It will tell you all about your processor.
  2. Now if you’ve a SSE2 processor than you can proceed to step 3 otherwise get yourself a new processor or should I say a new computer.
  3. Now, we need to download the release that is best suited to your processor. For eg. if you’ve an Intel processor then search for Kalyway 10.5.2 for Intel in the torrent sites. If you have an AMD processor then search Kalyway 10.5.2 for AMD. Its a 4.2 GB download no matter for which platform.
  4. After you’ve downloaded the release, burn it to a good quality media (Sony & Moser Baer) at low speed preferably 4x. This will ensure that there’s no defect in the DVD. Also, don’t forget to verify that disc.
  5. Now, this is where all of the fun will start. First of all take the backup of your data. This is extremely important.
  6. Done with the backup of data? Now, we need to create a partition for Mac OS X. Fire up your partition manager (you should know about this) and create a primary partition of about 30 GB. Although less space will also do, but I recommend 30 GB for future updates and other applications.
  7. Now put in the DVD that you prepared in the drive and restart your computer. Make sure that your computer is set to boot from the DVD.
  8. After few minutes, the computer will boot from the DVD. It will take about 5 minutes for DVD to come to the installer. So don’t panic.
  9. Now once the installer will start, it will prompt you to choose your language, I chose English.. but you can choose anyone of the available languages. After that click on the aero.
  10. Now the next couple of steps will require to accept the license etc. Follow them. The next step will ask you to install Mac on your hard drive. Don’t do this now.
  11. No from the bar above, click on Utilities -> Disk Utility. Now this will start the disk utility. Remember that partition which we created of 30 GB, select it and erase it in Mac OS X Extended (Journaled) file system. Rename it to Leopard or Mac before doing so.
  12. Now quit disk utility and you’ll get back to the installer.
  13. Click on customize and select, the languages, your chipset drivers, 9.2.0 kernel and MBR Bootloader.
  14. Now click on install.
  15. The installer will start. Step back and start praying.

Next time I’ll tell you how to configure Mac OS X.


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